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...take a look into the eyes and the souls of our children.

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Many children are in need of a loving and caring family. Can you help make a dream come true?

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We are an unique organization dedicated to the lives of children in foster care throughout Riverside County. Working together with professional photographers, volunteers and businesses, we have created a traveling portrait exhibit of kids that are in need of finding their forever family. Our focus is on "harder to place" children; kids who are older and groups of siblings. These children need love, happiness and a sense of belonging. They need a home. It could be yours!

We aim to raise community awareness about foster care and recruit adoptive families that are willing to take these children into their hearts and loving homes. We invite you to please take a look into the eyes and the souls of our children.

The first Heart Gallery was started in 2001 by a group of volunteers in New Mexico. The photos were displayed in an Art Gallery featuring the faces of New Mexico's children available for adoption. More than 1,000 people attended the first Heart Gallery Opening, proving that the efforts of a small community can inspire thousands. Now there are Heart Gallery organizations established in over 40 states. We are one of them. Please check out our schedule to see where our exhibit will travel next!